The Solution for Neutered Cats


The key toward a healthy neutered cat is a feed with the proper formula

Though neutering/spaying certainly helps solve numerous problems related to both pet‘s behavior and health, the majority of cat owners have no idea how to feed their pet properly after such surgeries. They can hardly resist begging cats’ eyes asking for more food than one needs it. The easiest solution isa feed with the proper formula made specifically for such pets.

Obesity is a Serious Problem

As much as 80%* of cats are neutered or spayed. After spayingor neutering both female and male cats, gain overweight. The surgery slightly diminishes metabolism and may influence the body fat to settle in other parts of the body, most often in the belly area, where a well-known“belly fat roll” forms.

Apparently, after neutering/spaying,the balance of hormones changes and sexual desire disappears, these petsdo not search for a sexual partner anymore, and they cease fighting for territory and become calmer, which leads to a bigger appetite. Regarding the latter phenomenon, a cat eats more while the owner feeds it more. This explains why neutered/spayed cats become overweight.

When cats start eating more, it is highly important to divide the feed into the portions to avoid overfeeding your pet. However, owners rarely succeed in doing so. Nevertheless, it is possible to avoid overfeeding by limiting the quantity of the feed or choosing specific feeds for neutered/spayed pets.

Reducing overweight

In spite of this, in a recently presented brand to the Lithuanian and worldwide market, the feed “HiQ Sterilised Care” feed for adult, 1-year-old and older cats after neutering/spaying takes a special place in the assortment. The product is made according to a specific formula, which may help maintain an optimal weight of a cat.

Spayed female cats and neutered male cats must be fed food, which contains less fat, it helps to maintain the increasing body mass, that is why the fat in “HiQ Sterilised Care” feed does not exceed 11%. This feed also contains a large quantity of fibers extracted from sugar beet slices and cellulose, which improves bowel movement and contributes to better digestion.

The feed is also supplemented with the mixture of L-carnitine and calcium, which improves metabolism, and helps transform fat into energy. Thus,it will make your pet agile and lively, it will become more active which, will contribute to faster burning of “unnecessary” calories.

What is more, the feed contains a large amount of poultry of the highest quality, which contains easily emitted animal proteins.These nutrients are vital for proper digestion and maintenance of muscle tones. In addition, animal proteins supply the pet’s organism with a sufficient amount of amino acids for a healthy and longer life.

In addition, the formula of the feed is enriched with a unique element – “NanoAgent.” It is atomized natural mineral of sedimentary origin which may improve digestion and better intake of all necessary nutrients.

The composition of “HiQ Sterilised Care” feed contains one of the most valuable products in the world – natural and highly beneficial pure coconut oil. It may help to maintain the pet’s metabolism and digestive tract. 

Nephrolithiasis Prevention

After neutering, cats become less active, they lap water and urinate less frequently; therefore, for some cats, urinary tracts stones (calcium oxalate and struvites) may occur. If a cat is fed a feed which helps maintain an optimal urine pH, nephrolithiasis may be prevented. Urine pH should be approximately 7,0. In order to urinate frequently, the cat should lap enough water – the more water and fewer mineral materials in urine, the faster stones will melt away. As a result, “HiQ Sterilised Care” feed contains reduced amounts of magnesium and calcium.

For a Healthier Life

The lifespan of neutered cats is longer, however, the risk of various diseases increases as well. Taking into account such risks, the food for neutered/spayed cats should be sustainable.

Cats that are overweight suffer from cardiovascular problems much more frequently. Thus, “HiQ Sterilised Care” formula is supplemented with fat acids DHA+EPA. In cooperation with the mixture of taurine and L-carnitine, these materials may help maintain proper cardiac activity and improve vascular system processes which is highly important. Precisely selected amount of sodium may help reduce cardiac stress. Coconut oil included in the composition of ”HiQ Sterilised Care” positively affects skin and coat and may help prevent infections and diseases.

* According to Central German Pet Register (TASSO-Haustierzentralregisterfür die Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.).