One Feed: for Puppies and their Mothers


Cute, fluffy and...hungry. Your new little friend is ready to discover the most delicious puppy food! How can you not to get mixed up in the abundance of feeds and make the right choice? It‘s very simple – with the help of innovations and all accumulated knowledge, we have created the product perfect for puppies and their mothers.

The Most Important Thing?

Milk. During their first weeks, puppies feed only on their mother‘s milk. It is rich with beneficial nutrients necessary for a puppy to grow healthy and strong. The gradual reduction from exclusively milk nutrition to hard food is called weaning period. It usually starts when a puppy is 4 weeks old. Then you are recommended to feed dry feed to the puppy gradually.

Proteins. Puppies grow fast, actually, they grow even 20 times faster than adult dogs; therefore, they need the feed 34% of which contains proteins since they happen to be the “constructive” substance. That is why "HiQ Puppy & Mother Care" feed is rich with poultry. An organism digests this kind of animal proteins the fastest; they are necessary for retaining proper muscles. Animal proteins supply pet’s organism with the optimal quantity of amino acids, likewise, ensuring healthier and longer life.
They are highly beneficial for pregnant female dogs. Since a puppy, being in his mother’s belly, feeds on nutrients accumulated in the mother’s body and if a developing fetus lacks nutrients, he takes them from his mother’s organism. Proteins are essential for feeding female dogs as well. They need to replenish energy reserves for female dogs after giving a birth and have sufficient energy to keep feeding their puppies.

Carbohydrates. While playing and frolicking all the time, puppies spend up to 3 times more calories than the dogs of several years old. Likewise, it is essential that the food which you feed to your puppies would be rich with carbohydrates – a source of energy. "HiQ Puppy & Mother Care" feed contains rice and corn which is rich with fibre. As a result, they ensure perfect puppies’ and their mothers’ digestion, therefore, all their energy can be diverted for exploring the world and playing.

Fats. It is highly important that the feed fed to weaning puppies and their mothers contains “good” fats. "HiQ Puppy & Mother Care" feed is enhanced with highly valuable salmon oil. It is rich with Omega-3 fatty acids ensuring proper activity and functionality of the central and peripheral nervous systems. It surely positively influences faster puppies’ learning ability, especially learning commands. Certainly, Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary to ensure perfect health of pregnant and feeding female dogs.

Vitamins and Minerals. Sufficient nutrition is very important for puppies, specifically for strong bone and healthy teeth development. Likewise, the feed "HiQ Puppy & Mother Care" is enhanced with calcium. This product also contains other vitamins (A, E, D3, B1) as well as folic acid. All these substances are vital for growing puppies and their mothers, taking into account the fact, that a pregnant and feeding female dog transmits vitamins and minerals to the puppies.
The formula of the feed is enhanced with a special component – NanoAgent. It is atomized pure mineral of sedimentary origin. Due to the light weight of nanoparticles, NanoAgent moves within a pet’s body faster than various nutrients. The latter, cooperating with NanoAgent, start to move faster. Likewise, they speed up digestion processes and these substances (vitamins, etc.) are absorbed more effectively.

Be Careful Not to Overfeed

A stomach of a small puppy is certainly small, however, the appetite is voracious. Therefore, you should not overfeed your puppy. Bear in mind that puppies grow into the size of a grown-up dog naturally, since genes operate during the growing process. If you overfeed the puppies, they may consume an excessive amount of calories, start to grow too fast which leads to having health problems related to bones. What is more, unbalanced nutrition may cause digestion disorders and lead to obesity. Frequent problems of overfeeding are diarrhea and vomit. Therefore, it is essential to optimize pet’s nutrition and feed him recommended daily portions.
An adult dog should be fed twice a day while growing puppies need much more food. If a puppy is 2-3 months old, he should be fed 4 times a day. A pet which is 4-5 months old should be fed 3 times a day, while 6–8 months old puppy is gradually transferring to the regime of an adult dog and should be fed 2 times a day.