8 out of 10 cats
are sterilised.
Is yours 
one of them?

Super Premium
quality dry feeds

For dogs and cats

Natural ingredients and pure water
Superfood - pure coconut oil
Scientific achievement - NanoAgent
Corn & wheat free products in assortment
High amount of animal protein
Debunking pet food myths
Even in the age of the internet, the majority of pet owners are still led by false myths, which can easily be dispelled by specialists. Let's see which myths we can bust...
The Solution for Neutered Cats
Though neutering/spaying certainly helps solve numerous problems related to both pet‘s behavior and health, the majority of cat owners have no idea how to feed their pet...
New innovative Lithuanian brand on the animal feed market
In May, Akvatera UAB, a producer of top class animal feed, released a new pet feed – HiQ. Unrivalled around the world, which was first introduced to the animal market...
Exploring the benefits of coconut oil for pets
Coconut oil is not just for humans: pets can benefit from this superfood as well. Coconut oil is the latest, hottest, all-natural trend. You may already use it for cooking,...
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